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New Medical Group and Ysnore Asia is proud to be appointed the Regional exclusive distributor for International markets and the Chief Representative.

This is a product that can change lives for the better - YSNORE.

This breakthrough product has SOLD over 10 million in USA. It is clinically tested in Stanford University and manufactured in USA FDA approved facility. Ysnore is now launching internationally.

Please note this is not just another type of nose strips/throat spray (as sold by many others) claiming to help snoring - this is clinically tested and proven to "significantly reduce or stop the snoring completely in over 65% of the people tested".

Because of the nature of this product it is very easy to use and does not involve the wearing of some uncomfortable mouth piece to push the jaw forward or a strap which ties around the head to keep your mouth shut. You can actually go to bed looking like a normal person without all the discomfort the other type of products supposedly cause. The only thing you will be doing differently to usual is getting a great sleep!

There have been many studies and reports from ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctors and surgeons on the increase in the numbers of people who snores!! The age group of 30-65 years old have seen an increase of 15% year on year. This is a GROWING market with no real Over-The-Counter offerings until now. It is also linked to the aging population trend. Aging is one of the main causes of snoring. Excessive weight gained is another major cause. 40% of adult population age 30-65 snores!!

Ysnore is an Anti-Snoring homeopathic all natural product that helps to stop snoring fast, easy and safe. Ysnore anti-snoring products comes in 5ml Nose Drops (30 nights usage) , 10ml Nasal Spray (60 nights usage) and 20ml Nasal Spray (90 nights usage) . Ysnore is manufactured in the USA in an FDA approved facility. Ysnore is the market leader in the OTC nasal drops/spray anti-snoring products. Ysnore really works. Clinically tested and proven in Stanford University tests. Ysnore treats the cause not just the effects. Natural active ingredients found in Ysnore are Ginger and Yam Roots.

This is a great opportunity for companies in this trade to grow a sleeping category. New Medical Group wants to expand and appoint country distributors/agents for the distribution channel expansion.

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